2020 Art Sale and Exhibition

Thursday, 29th October - Tuesday 10th November. Online exhibition only because of Covid-19 restrictions. Click "Read More" for Exhibition details

COVID-19: Cancellations and Closures

Please check your email, facebook.com/sandfordandstphilips or twitter.com/st_philips to know what parish events and services are happening. Click 'Read More' to go to parish YouTube channel for online services.

Online Parishioner Contributions

Two gofundme links have been set up for each of our parishes, offering a simple and straightforward way to donate for those who are in a position to do so. As always, a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. Click "Read more" to go to the gofundme links.

Welcome, Fáilte, Bienvenue, Wilkommen, Witamy

Welcome to the grouped parishes of Sandford and St Philip's located in Dublin 6. The Eircode for Sandford Church is D06 A9P8 and the Eircode for St Philip's is D06 AX71. Click on "Read More" for Parishioner Contributions.
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